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About US


Where Property Management is Brought to Another Level!

CHASE is why caring makes all the difference!

At CHASE Property Management Group (CHASE PMG) we understand that in this day and age, time is money. This mindset prompts us to always keep you first so that we can save you as much money as possible. Our honest way of working keeps you informed, no matter what the issues are, and we’re available any day at any time.

At CHASE Property Management Group we think our way of working makes all the difference, so whether you have a condominium, a cooperative (co-op), a townhouse development, a home owner association (HOA), an individual residence or a commercial property, we are the best choice for you because we care about your needs. We have innovative, state of the art programs that are conducive to structured and controlled growth, and management.

Why You Should Choose CHASE Property Management Group for Your Project: The Best, Most Efficient Property Management System Available

Time and Cost Saving:

Time is money and CHASE wants you to get the most out of both. At CHASE we vigilantly strive to find ways for you to cut costs in every available aspect.

We are not only experts at saving money on your various bills, but when your property needs maintenance we have long term relationships with top, reliable contractors and options so you can make the best choice for your needs. We constantly scour your current contracts, identifying the opportunities and services where we can save you even more time and money.

We are proficient in Green Energy Technology and building and project conversions to Green Energy Efficiency at a minimal cost.

We use Design Thinking to reverse engineer a project. Our TEAM creates, justifies and implements a Green Action Plan custom designed for your project, by calculating the deficiencies and prepares a reverse strategy causing profitability to an otherwise unstable or unprofitable project. In projects where profitability exists, we strive to lower expenses through energy efficient programs which could save 10% to 20% or more each year.

We implement programs in our Government Assisted buildings to better the living conditions of the people.

Programs such as Computer Skills, Employment Skills, Resume Building, Day Care, Furthering Your Career, all designed to allow tenants, shareholders, owners and families to live better and more efficiently.

Honesty and Transparency:

At CHASE Property Management Group, we are firm believers that honesty is the best policy.

We take it a step further! We do not just hold ourselves accountable for your money, but we keep all things available to you at all times. You should never have to wonder where your money is going, and with us you will not. With our modern interface, we provide real-time access through portals designed in our website so you can peruse statements and remain in control of the activities and finances for your association.

You have 24/7 access to your records! Through our website, you have the option to view electronic statements, submit online work requests, make secure association payments, download reports and forms, maintain event calendars, and more. Furthermore, if you have any questions you can just contact us for clarification.

Our professional staff members are there to serve both you, the owner and your tenants and shareholders.

24/7 availability:

CHASE Property Management Group maintains a full team of professionals local to your area who are waiting to talk to you whenever you need them.

Their placement in the community allows them to have a hands-on approach to any problem solving, and in case there’s an emergency, they are always ready to respond quickly and efficiently.

Go Green Initiative:

Part of our commitment to you involves our commitment to our planet. To save your money, we have begun incorporating “Green Initiatives” in our management scheme, providing you with information and resources to help your properties make the switch. We create, justify and implement a Green Action.

Going green can help your facilities have lower energy bills, cleaner air, and increased property value.

Making the switch is the smartest decision. It can save 10% to 20% or more a year allowing your building or complex to run more efficiently, thereby increasing profitability.

What You Get By Choosing CHASE

We cater our service based on your individual needs, ensuring you’re always satisfied with what we provide. We’ve culminated decades of experience so we know what we’re doing, and you can depend on our team to:

• Conduct regular, scheduled site inspections
• Provide professional representation at Board, General and Town Hall Meetings
• Coordinate annual Board meetings
• Address and assist in solving violations of Association Rules and Procedures
• Review and manage Association insurance needs
• Collect maintenance and common area fees, special assessments and create systems to minimize the impact they have on the tenants, owners and shareholders.
• Legal representation on staff
• Deliver complete bookkeeping of property finances
• Prepare budgets and financial Statements
• Manage delinquencies
• Pay monthly building expenses
• Maintain all financial accounts in the name of the association
• Oversee vendors
• Negotiate necessary services such as: building cleaning, refuse removal, landscaping, snow removal, and utilities
• Supervise all on-site contractors
• Manage all construction projects for both the property and individual units including additions and upgrades
• Design, Implement and Construction using GREEN Energy Efficient Technology and methods, from concept to completion. We are Certified GREEN Energy Efficient!
• Site improvements from small, required projects to major capital improvements.
• Implement Necessary Programs such as Day Care, Computer Skills, Family Budgeting, Employment Skills, Resume Writing, How to Further Your Career.
• Efficient and State of the Art Property Management Solutions utilizing web capabilities for tenants, owners and shareholders.
• Debt Restructuring can save millions of dollars. Our team has decades of finance experience and deal with the top lenders, private equity firms, pension funds, insurance companies and banks.
• Procure competitive project financing. From Bridge Loans to Permanent Financing, we have access to the finance programs that make a difference.
• Professional Affiliations such as the National Property Managers and others
• Over 100 years of combined Professional Property Management Experience

Professional Affiliations:

Member of NPMA – National Property Management Association
Member of NAHMA – National Affordable Housing Management Association
Member of JAHMA - New Jersey Affordable Housing Management Association

Certified Professional of Occupancy

Member National Association of Realtors
Member Long Island Board of Realtors
Member Multiple Listing Services
Vendor: Port of Authority of New York and New Jersey
Vendor: The City of New York
HUD Approved Real Estate Broker – Department of Housing and Urban Development

GREEN Energy Auditor Certified

Chase has the Programs and Professional Affiliations that make a difference!
Call TODAY to meet with our Professional Staff and see what CHASE can do for you!